April 20, 2021

Benefits of Young Coconut Water for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Mothers

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Coconut water is a fresh drink that is rich in minerals. In fact, coconut water has a composition similar to body fluids so it is very good for preventing dehydration. Coconut water has long been known as a healthy drink. And when it comes to benefits, even a coconut shell can also be used as a toothache medicine.

In general, we have already discussed the benefits of coconut water in two articles, namely in the content of coconut water and the benefits of green coconut water for health. However, on this occasion we will focus on discussing the benefits of coconut water for women.

Variety of benefits of young coconut water that you do not know Especially for Breastfeeding and Pregnant Mothers

Why do pregnant women need to consume coconut water? Coconut water contains electrolytes, chlorides, calcium, potassium, sodium, and riboflavin, also rich in vitamin C which is very necessary during pregnancy. Coconut water also contains lauric acid as well as antibacterial and antimicrobial properties which protect the body from infection. Lauric acid is a compound commonly found in breast milk.

Pregnant women often experience morning sickness which is quite disturbing. Well, coconut water can help alleviate it, prevent nausea and vomiting.

Overcoming Vaginal Infection

The majority of women have had urinary tract infections. The cause is bacteria that form yeast and cause infection. Coconut water has antibacterial properties that can kill bacteria that cause infections in the urinary tract. So if you experience vaginal infections, just consume coconut water.


The benefits of coconut water this one not only for women but also for men. Coconut water is low in calories and also filling it has detoxification properties, aka removing toxins from the body, cleansing the system and passing oxygen in blood cells.

Good for the skin

Do you want to have healthy, smooth skin? Be diligent in consuming coconut water. In addition to cleaning the skin, coconut water also hydrates the skin so as to avoid dry and damaged skin. Smooth skin is a dream for every woman.

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Fat free

Unlike the coconut meat which contains fat, coconut water is fat free so it is a healthy drink. These fat-free drinks also reduce levels of LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and burn fat deposits in the body.

Replace Body Fluids

Because the electrolyte content is similar to body fluids, coconut water has long been used to replace body fluids so as to prevent dehydration. Even in an emergency coconut water can be used to replace intravenous fluids.

Smooth digestion

Coconut water can help the body cleanse the digestion of worms and food debris so that the process of intestinal metabolism is smoother. Consuming coconut water during pregnancy can help pregnant women avoid heartburn and constipation. In addition, this health drink is also very helpful in losing weight.

At present there are many young coconut ice sellers that we can meet. But it would be better if we only consume virgin coconut water which is not mixed with artificial sweeteners. so the benefits of young coconut water can be felt for the body.

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