July 12, 2020

17 Creations of Potted Plants from Used Electronic Furniture

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Now I want to share 17 Ideas of Plant Pots from Used Electronic Furniture to a planting site, and certainly more interesting than ordinary pots. You know not if various types of used electronic devices can be used as potted plants. ranging from table lamps, radios, CPUs, to telephones can be used instead of ordinary flower pots.

Some ideas need to be made with hard work, but some can be made easily in a short time. I am not suggesting that you turn a good electronic device into a flowerpot. But, use electronic furniture that has been severely damaged. Save the plant pots from this electronic furniture inside or outside the house, on a table or garden. The results are still interesting.

1. The table lamp is turned into an ornamental plant pot

Lampu meja diubah menjadi pot tanaman hias
Foto: zycierzeczy

2. Plant pots are made of various types of electronic furniture

Pot tanaman terbuat dari berbagai jenis perabot elektronik
Foto: via Diply.com

3. The bonsai pot is made of speakers

Pot bonsai terbuat dari speaker
Foto: via www.Demilked.com

4-5. Plant pots made of electronic furniture

Pot tanaman terbuat dari perabot elektronik
Foto: via blog.justinablakeney.com
Perabot elektronik jadi pot tanaman
Foto: via blog.justinablakeney.com

6. Computer monitors become ornamental plant pots

The keyboard is on display too. Funny!
Monitor komputer jadi pot tanaman hias
Foto: recyclart

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7. Computer CPU is converted into a decorative flower pot

7. CPU komputer diubah jadi pot bunga hias
Foto: 11seconds

8. Floppy disks (floppy disks) are assembled into hanging plant pots

8. Disket (floppy disk) dirangkai menjadi pot tanaman gantung
Foto: recyclart

9. Mixer (stirrer batter) that is badly damaged can be used as a plant pot

9. Mixer (pengaduk adonan) yang rusak parah bisa dimanfaatkan sebagi pot tanaman
Foto: Funky Junk Interiors

10. Succulent pots of retro electronic furniture

Take advantage of retro electronic furniture that has been broken into succulent plant pots. If the retro electronic furniture is still good, take good care. There are a lot of people who are looking for retro or vintage furniture.
10. Pot succulent dari perabot elektronik retro
Foto: Jay Mi – Mix Green

11. Old radio is used as potted plants

Hang or paste on the outside walls of the house to be an attractive decoration.

11. Radio lama dimanfaatkan sebagai pot tanaman
Foto: community.starhub

12-14. Used washing machine drums become plant pots

Parts of drums (tubes) of old school washing machines and washing machines that have been released can be recycled. The washing machine drum is well suited for potting plants, because there are small holes in the bottom of the drum that can drain water from the ground.
Bekas drum mesin cuci jadi pot tanaman
Foto: www.sowanddipity.com
Old Washing Machine Flower Container.
Old Washing Machine Flower Container. Foto: tidybrownwren.blogspot.com
Drum mesin cuci cocok sekali jadi pot tanaman, karena ada lubang-lubang kecil di bagian bawah drum yang bisa mengalirkan air dari tanah.
Washing Machine Drum Repurposed As Planter. Foto: woodology.co.nz

15. Plant pots from the former water heater machine tube

Pot tanaman dari bekas tabung mesin pemanas air
Planter From Hot Water Heater. Foto: myblessedlife.net

16. The used fan frame can also be used as a succulent pot

Vertical display is better
16. Kerangka kipas angin bekas juga bisa dijadikan pot succulent.
Succulent Planter from Rotary Fan Covers. Foto: ranchoreubidoux.com

17. A broken alarm clock can be used as a plant pot

17. Jam weker yang rusak bisa dijadikan pot tanaman
Foto: Magia Mia
Do not forget to cover the inside of the furniture with plastic, so that electronic furniture is not easily rusty. But if it’s rusted … may also be an ornamental pot.

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