April 11, 2021

12 Inspiration for the Butterfly Cake

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A beautiful butterfly cake is the right choice to be used as a dessert, party cake, party decoration, or gift for someone dear. This butterfly-shaped cake is usually made from biscuits or sugar cakes that are decorated with icing and fondant so that it looks like a butterfly.

how to make it seems very easy, all you need is just a cookie cutter and cake batter. but what a delicious butterfly cake looks like depends on the cake mixture you make. here are some inspirations for the shape of a butterfly cake mold and some decorations that you hope you like

Shape of Butterfly Cake That Deserves to be Inspiring

1. Savor Summer Cookies

Kue bentuk kupu-kupu yang cantik ini adalah pilihan tepat untuk dijadikan makanan penutup, kue pesta, dekorasi pesta, atau hadiah untuk orang tersayang.
Savor Summer Cookies. Foto: Ali Bee’s Bake Shop
2. Green and White Flower Butterfly Cookies
Bentuk Kue Kering Kupu-Kupu yang Layak jadi Inspirasi
Green and White Flower Butterfly Cookies. Foto: via Flickr
3. Butterfly cookies
Butterfly cookies. Foto: Sweet-T-cakeS
4. Butterfly cookies
Butterflies in various variants can be obtained from the recipe from Make Bake Celebrate.
Kue kupu-kupu dalam berbagai varian
Butterfly cookies. Foto: Make Bake Celebrate
5. Flutterbies
Kue bentuk kupu-kupu ini biasanya terbuat dari biskuit atau kue gula (sugar cookies) yang dihias dengan royal icing dan fondant hingga tampilannya menyerupai kupu-kupu.
Flutterbies. Foto: Cake Studio Sucre
6. Black Butterfly Cookies
Black Butterfly Cookies. Foto: Biscuite Queen
7. Floral Butterfly Cookies
Floral Butterfly Cookie. Foto: Annie Kershner
8. Mariposa Galleta Fondant
Mariposa Galleta Fondant. Foto: CakeJournal.com
9. Vuela Mariposas
Vuela Mariposas. Foto: Mensaje en una galleta
10. Borboletas
Borboletas. Foto: Pamy Delgra
11. Butterfly Cookies
Butterfly Cookies. Foto: Yankee Girl Yummies
12. Peggy Porchen Butterfly Biscuits
Peggy Porchen Butterfly Biscuits. Foto: Brides Magazine

The shape of a butterfly cake as above can be made using a cookie cutter butterfly shape (butterfly cookie cutters). For example like this:

cookie cutter bentuk kupu-kupu (butterfly cookie cutters)
Butterfly Cookie Cutters. Foto: The  Bakers Party Shop
Just so you know, I’m not currently promoting cookie cutters, and have no connection whatsoever with The Bakers Party Shop. I just showed an example of butterfly cookie cutters. There are several shapes and sizes of cookie cutters, which you can buy at a grocery store and baking tools.

Cookie cutter maintenance tips

In general, cookie cutter is made of plastic, or metal such as stainless steel and zinc. Plastic cookie cutters can be cleaned easily and are anti-rust, but not heat resistant. Whereas a metal cookie cutter will easily rust if it is not cleaned properly.
How to wash a cookie cutter made of metal is to use soap and hot water immediately after use, then immediately wipe dry, then store it in a dry place.

Well, that’s a little tips on how to take care of the cookie cutter guys, hopefully it helps

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