March 31, 2020

8 Tips to Get Rid of Gadgets Addiction

Tips to Get Rid of Gadgets Addiction

Nowadays, with the development of technology, everything becomes faster and more effective. The emergence of various gadget technologies such as smartphones is of course a necessity. Not only teenagers and adults who are already working, even many elementary school children who whine to buy a smartphone.

Today, people rarely read newspapers to check the latest information. Maybe there is still, but of course not as much as before. Seeing info can be seen easily on Smarthphone, be it a newspaper application, social media, and so forth. This has become a natural because we can do various things in one place, namely gadgets like smartphones.

However, despite the many advantages that make it easy, many people are not aware that they can not be separated at all from the gadget to the point that it interferes with the main activity. They can’t even leave their cellphones when gathering with family even when driving a vehicle, of course this is very dangerous.

For this reason, it is important for you to realize whether you are addicted to gadgets or not sooner, because if you are already addicted, not only you, the people around you will also be negatively affected. There are a number of things you can do to reduce these bad habits. Of course this needs to be done properly and seriously. Here are tips to get rid of gadgets addiction you can do.

1. Remove Application If It Is Causing Addiction


Most of the majority who are addicted to smartphones are social media and games. To get rid of smartphone addictions, then start uninstalling applications that you often open but aren’t very important. This can help you to reduce the frequency of using a smartphone. And if you often open the game, then delete some of these games.

Even if you delete it, it doesn’t mean you can’t use a smartphone to check social media or play games, especially if you are a businessman who needs applications like WhatsApp and Instagram, of course you need to check if there is something related to business. What is clear, use the smartphone wisely, just think of the smartphone as a medium that can help you achieve success, do not make the smartphone a media looking for entertainment.

2. Start chatting with family, relatives and friends


This method is arguably the most effective way to get rid of gadget addictions. Spending time with family, relatives and friends by doing various positive activities such as traveling, discussing, and so on can make you forget about your smartphone.

In addition, you can also try to make a small agreement with your family or friends not to remove the gadget while chatting. Create fun chats and make everyone comfortable so you can get precious moments when you spend time together.

3. Turn off Notification of All Applications

It has been proven, many people who want to quickly open their smartphone and linger to use it if there is a notification, even though they originally wanted to reply to messages. But if you are with friends, family or on a trip, make sure that you turn off notifications or go into silent mode, this is proven to be the most effective way to get rid of gadget addictions.

The time you spend with the closest person is the time that must be used properly, use the above methods to minimize the use of gadgets.

4. Turn off the gadget one hour before going to bed

Many spend their time using gadget time with the excuse of waiting sleepy, but sometimes this habit actually makes it more difficult for smartphone users to sleep. Turn off the gadget half an hour or one hour before you will sleep.Be sure to stay away from the habit of playing a smartphone before going to bed and try not to sleep more than 10 o’clock. If done routinely, it is definitely your eyes healthier and sleep better quality.

5. Don’t Use Power Bank


Many people are upset and confused just because the smartphone battery runs out. There are some people who always want their smartphone to always be active because they have thoughts that it will be very boring and confused what to do if the smartphone is dead.

If you have these qualities, maybe you have a mind to bring a power bank. Never carry a power bank when you are out of the house, because by carrying a power bank, you will continue to open your smartphone regardless of the battery. If you do not bring a power bank, you will definitely consider it for fear of running out of battery, so that the smartphone can be used when it’s critical.

6. Multiply Reading Books

Reading culture has now been abandoned, so it is certain that newspapers with lots of information have rarely touched it. Many people who might have thought that reading can also be on a smartphone with an ebook. But of course reading physical books and digital books will be very different. Be sure to always read fiction and non-fiction books to get rid of addictions.

7. Turn off Internet access

If you think that turning off notifications is not effective enough, then turn off the internet on your smartphone. This can be done if you are in the office or spending time with the closest person so that your time is spent more effectively and productively.

8. Don’t Use Too Much Social Media

The last way you can try to reduce addictions to gadgets is not to use social media too much. It has been said before delete the application that can make you keep opening the smartphone. It would be great if you use just one social media. Even though it is hard, this should be tried if you really mean to leave bad habits.Those are some tips to get rid of gadgets addiction.
The development of technology makes a lot of people complacent with its various conveniences. Of course some of the above are very difficult to do. But if you want to get a better and healthier life. Then make sure that you can do all that.
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