June 1, 2020

Did You know how many genders in Thailand

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How Many Thai Sex Do You Know?

Thailand is a country that is very well known for its high tolerance for transgender actors. This country is even predicted as the center of the world’s transgender people, because many transgender people are treated well and are the same as other communities.

Good treatment and acceptance of transgender actors because the country, also known as the white elephant, recognizes that there are other genders other than women and men.
Quoted from the Next Shark page, there are 18 sexes in Thailand.

genders in thailand

This is an explanation of 18 genders that are recognized in Thailand

1. Men

This sex is quite common throughout the world. In Thailand, male gender is identified with a man who likes women.

2. Women

According to Javanese, woman means wani arranged. However, women in Thailand mean someone who likes men.


3. Tom

In Thailand, you can submit Tom’s gender if you are a woman who likes to look like a man. Tom is also identified as someone who likes Dee.

4. Dee

Dee is a woman who likes Tom.

5. Tom Gay

Although there is the word ‘Gay’ the owner of this sex is not a man, but a woman who likes Tom and Dee.

6. Tom Gay King

Although similar to Tom Gay, make no mistake, this nickname is intended for women who look like Tom but look very manly and manly.

7. Bi

It feels Bi is a familiar word in many people’s ears. Bi is a nickname for women who like everyone, including women and men.

8. Boat

Just like Bi, the Boat is a man who likes all sexes, including men and women.

9. Gay Queen

This gender is intended for feminine men who also like the men there.

10. Gay King

In contrast to Gay Queen, a Gay King is a manly and manly looking man who likes other men.

11. Tom Gay Queen

This is the gender of Tom who likes Tom feminine.

12. Tom Gay Two Way

Although at first glance it sounds like a powder, Tom Gay Two Way is a Tom Gay King / Tom Gay Queen.

13. Lesbian

Yes, as many people know, Lesbian means a woman who also likes women.

14. Kathoey or Lady Boy

This is the sex for men who undergo plastic surgery to become women in Thailand.

15. Adam

Sounds simple and masculine, Adam is a man who likes Tom or a woman who looks like a man.

16. Cherry

This sweet nickname is gender for women who like gay men and also lady boys.

17. Samyaan

Is a woman who likes tom and lesbian. In other words, Samyaan is a woman who likes women.

18. Angee

Call for lady boy who likes tom.

genders in Thailand
source blogspot

Despite having a similar meaning, this gender is known in Thailand. And that further proves that Thailand is a country that is very tolerant of transgender people and has an open understanding of the sexes that their people believe in

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