July 13, 2020

Look a Nurses Wear a Bikini on Hospitals

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Nurses Wear a Bikini

What is in your mind when you see this picture, is it fair or not a respectable health officer nurse or doctor wearing clothes like this.

On the grounds the nurse’s uniform is too hot to wear. A nurse in Russia who treats Covid-19 patients only wears underwear with transparent personal protective equipment (PPE).

The unnamed female nurse works in the Covid-19 ward in a hospital in Tula Russia.  The ward is only treating male patients.

That’s Photos wearing only panties and bras with translucent PPE have been viral on social media. However, the head of the local hospital did not feel uncomfortable and punished the nurses for not complying with the requirements for medical clothing.

A nurse in her 20s felt too hot wearing her nurse’s uniform with PPE. He told his manager at the Tula Regional Clinic Hospital that he did not realize the PPE that he was wearing when treating Covid-19 patients was very transparent.

However, regional health ministries report that disciplinary sanctions will be applied to nurses of infectious disease patients who violate uniform requirements. Initially, hospital leaders said the nurse was wearing underwear, but later claimed that she was wearing a swimwear with PPE.

The nurse had not yet spoken publicly about the incident. The sanctions for disciplinary action have not been clear.

One patient said none of the male patients objected to the clothes the nurse was wearing.

When it came to the local media, readers of the Tula Newsramai newspaper were busy congratulating the nurse.

“At least someone has a sense of humor in this grim and gloomy reality,” said a reader named Sergey Ratnikov.

“Why was it rebuked ?,” asked another reader, Albert Kuzminov.

A supporter of the nurse said; “Everyone shouted at him, but no one noticed that he was dressed like this because of the heat.”

“Maybe you need to shout at management … because there’s no normal air conditioner here.”

Local resident, Marina Astakhova, writes on social media; “Very good, it evokes the mood of the patients.”

“Why punish nurses, you need to reward them,” said another resident, Valery Kapnin, as quoted by the Mirror on Thursday (5/21/2020). “Seeing this outfit, no one wants to die.”

The incident took place when the head of the Russian Covid-19 monitoring center and a former doctor, Alexander Myasnikov, surprised the audience with his candid talk about the crisis of the new corona virus that caused Covid-19. (Also read:

“Infection, however, will take its toll,” he said. “We’re all going to get sick anyway. Those who are supposed to die will die.”

Worldometer data today shows Russia to be the country with the second highest Covid-19 case in the world after the US. The country, led by President Vladimir Putin, reported 308,705 cases of Covid-19 with 2,972 deaths and as many as 85,392 patients recovering. For the Tula region there were 2,637 Covid-19 cases with 19 deaths.

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