June 22, 2020

9 Things About Sex That You Must Know

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When you were a child, you might have wondered . However, the answer that you often get either express or implied is, “That’s an adult matter.” However, even though you have entered adulthood or in your 20s, there are still questions about sex that have not been answered. It could be this because you are shy and are reluctant to ask experts, health workers, or people who have a lot of knowledge about sex. Because, sex is a topic that is often considered taboo by the public. Especially if you are a woman, wondering about sex can make you labeled negative.

In fact, anyone has the right to find out about “adult business”. Whether male or female. Both of them have the same sexual needs as humans, and in the end they will both do it. So, some answers to various questions about sex that have been reluctant to be expressed. One of them is by listening to 9 answers about sex that are often sought after.

1. Can men find out if I’m still a virgin?

No, your partner will not know whether you are a virgin or not. The reason is a woman’s virginity cannot be judged by whether her hymen is intact. The hymen can be torn for various reasons, for example due to physical activity. So, even though the hymen has been torn, it does not mean he is no longer a virgin. Virginity can only be judged by whether a woman has had sexual relations.

There is also an assumption that someone is still proven to be a virgin if the first time having sex the vagina bleeds. This is just a myth. The reason is, each person has a different form of the hymen. There are indeed very sensitive and covering almost the entire vagina so that it will bleed when penetrating the vagina. However, some are very thick and small so that vaginal penetration will not cause tearing of the hymen or bleeding.

2. Is it true that sex hurts the first time?

Sex shouldn’t be painful, even for the first time. However, if you feel pain when you first have sex, it can be caused by various things. For example, lack of lubricant or fluid in the female area, making love too fast, or because you and your partner are too nervous. If you are in pain, you should discuss with your partner and look for the root of the problem.

3. Is it natural for women to masturbate?

Masturbation is a common thing to do, both men and women. For women, this action is often covered up because it is taboo. In fact, providing sexual stimulation for yourself would be a good way to get to know your body. Many women claim that masturbation can actually bring sexual satisfaction beyond sex. This is because when masturbating, women will pay special attention to sensitive areas (G-spots) such as the clitoris. Meanwhile, when making love with a partner usually this area rarely receives stimulation.

4. What is orgasm?

Orgasm occurs when you reach the climax or the peak of sexual pleasure. This is usually marked by contractions of the uterus, vagina and anus together for just a few seconds. Women will also usually produce vaginal fluid when it reaches a climax. Female orgasm is less common than male orgasm. In fact, there are some women who have never had an orgasm in their lives. Usually vaginal or anal penetration will not bring women to the peak of pleasure. Many women experience orgasm precisely by providing stimulation to the clitoris, without penetration.

5. What is the normal penis size?

Every man has a different penis size. According to a study published in the Journal of Urology Study, the average size of an erect penis is 8 centimeters. While an erect penis is on average 12 centimeters in length. For comparison, the average vaginal depth is about 10 centimeters.

6. I’m not interested in sex, is this natural?
There are some women who feel reluctant to talk about sex, watch pornographic films, or imagine any sexual activity. It is precisely when imagined, what appears is fear, irritation, or disgust. These feelings can be triggered by various things. For example, from a young age you were educated that sex is a topic or thing that should be avoided in general. Both of its activities and information about sex. It is also possible that you have been seeing sex as dirty and inappropriate. Not that there is something wrong with you. You just have not gotten used to accepting sex as a normal biological process.

In addition, you might not be interested in sex at all. People who have no interest in sexual matters are known as asexuals. An asexual person can fall in love and be romantic, but does not see sex as a biological need or as an expression of love. They will not get any satisfaction from sex. Asexual is a sexual orientation, not a disease, mental disorder, or any disability.

7. I am addicted to sex, is there something wrong with me?

If there are people who are not at all interested in sex, there are also those who actually cannot be separated from things that are sexual. This obsession with sex is referred to as hypersexual disorders. Symptoms include dissatisfaction despite having sex many times, unable to control sexual desire, too often masturbating, addicted to pornographic films, frequently changing sexual partners, to harassing others. Hypersexual can be controlled if you seek professional help.

However, enjoying sexual activity and fantasizing about sex does not necessarily make you a hypersexual. As long as you can still control yourself and it doesn’t bother you or anyone else, liking sex is completely natural.

8. Will men only be turned on by sexy women?

There are many things that can make a man aroused. However, that does not mean the only thing that can make men aroused and get sexual satisfaction is a sexy woman. Every man has his own taste about women. Many men will feel aroused when with the woman he loves, whatever the woman’s body shape. There are also those who actually crave women who are pregnant or women who are much older than him. The notion that only sexy women can make men aroused departing from various advertisements and media that vigorously display women with certain body types as sex symbols.

After all, body shape has nothing to do with a person’s performance when making love. A person whose body is sexy may not be able to satisfy their partner sexually. Likewise with people whose bodies are not like porn stars, it could be that he is very skilled when having sex.

9. Can I have sex during menstruation?

Some couples will continue to have sex when women menstruate. However, this matter fell to the hands of the saltg each pair. Having sex during menstruation actually becomes special for many women. The reason is, sex can reduce stomach cramps and speed up the menstrual cycle. However, be careful because sex during menstruation can increase the risk of transmitting venereal disease. So, make sure that sex during menstruation is still done wisely.

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