July 13, 2020

How to Install and Play PUBG on PC

How to Play PUBG on PC
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How to Play PUBG on PC – PUBG game is one of the games that are loved by many people in the world, including Indonesia. Not without reason, one of the many games that was chosen and chose popularity easily. Because this type of game has very good graphics, amazing sound effects and also a unique game system.

So that makes many people feel addicted to playing PUBG. Even based on reviews from PlayStore users to download or play PUBG more than 100 million people. But there are still many people who feel worried. Because this game can only be used on mobile phones.
But if you are not accustomed to playing a game, because it feels less free to play on the cellphone. For those of you who want to try to play with a wider screen that is utilizing a PC. Then you can do it using a PC or laptop that is at home.

How easy is it, just follow the complete guide below.

Device Specifications

The first thing that can be done. If you decide to play PUBG that is paying attention to the specifications of the PC and also the laptop, it turns out that this game requires quite good specifications.

So you can’t use a computer or laptop at random, at least the processor that is owned by the device you use to play is dual core with 4 GB RAM. Apart from that the internet is also needed. So that this game does prioritize an internet connection that is quite high, compared to other game systems.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the spec below so that the game will run smoothly on your computer.

  • Windows 7/8/10 (latest Service Pack)
  • Multiple core processor CPUs which support VT-x or AMD-V Virtualization Technology
  • Supports Open GL 2.0 or higher performance
  • 4GB RAM Memory
  • 1.5GB available hard drive space
  • Internet connection
  • Install with Tencent

1. Tencent Installation

The first step that can be done is to download an application called Tencent. We will enter the steps on how to install the existing PUBG on the cellphone, and move to the computer.

First you must install an application called Tencent Gaming Buddy, which is assisted or developed by a company called Tencent Games. Currently the application is still in beta, but you can download it, because the size is not too big enough for 10 MB.

2. Download PUBG

After completing installation, the next step you can do is to wait for Tencent to make it easier to install the next PUBG game. Use Tencent and install it as you would install it on a cellphone.

Do not forget because the size of the PUBG is quite large, it helps you use an internet connection that is quite high. So you have to provide a stable internet. Worried that there will be problems if you use the usual quota.

3. PC login

After downloading, you can install the PUBG game according to the game or install it in general. After that you can wait until PUBG can be played and then immediately try to open it on a PC that has been installed. You can also choose to log in using a Facebook or guest account, depending on the account you have.

4. Install with NoxPlayer

If the first method fails, there is no need to worry because you can do the next way, which is to change applications. Especially for downloading games on the PC with a popular application called Noxplayer. With this application a lot of PUBG players are helped, when they don’t have a capable cellphone to play the game. But you have a laptop or computer that can be used. We immediately review the second way so that you can directly practice.

1) Nox Player installation
The first thing you can do of course is to install the nox player, you can easily search for the application by using Google. Then after that download and also install the nox player on your PC.

The next step is that you can enter PlayStore using Noxplayer and use the same account as on the mobile. After that you can search for the PUBG mobile game from the play store and also install it as usual. You install or download on the cellphone.

2) PUBG Installation
Furthermore, the thing that can be done is to decide to install on a cellphone, and set it according to the desired rules. After that, make sure you set the laptop screen installation, especially in noxplayer.

Settings that are already in accordance with the size of the laptop or on the computer the greater the size of its windows size. Then the bigger the game system that you see after that the settings later. You can directly enter the game system and also make settings on the game

3) Adjust Analog
After that, because the game system is on the computer and not on the cellphone, the next way you can do it is to set the analog or keyboard keys used to be the game system.

One last thing before you decide to go skydiving to a battle that is in PUBG. And the last How to Play PUBG on PC is Make sure the vehicle mode settings can be used and controlled properly by using the keyboard. Later it will appear on your computer screen.

Regarding the keyboard that must be used and also how to walk or what analog is used, on the computer for other settings. You can adjust it with comfort just choose whether you want to use the keyboard or want to use the mouse.

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