July 13, 2020

How to Play Free Fire Game on PC by NOX Simulator

Play Free Fire Game on PC
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Free Fire game on PC

Many use the game system via a PC, compared to mobile phones. Because it is considered easier and also of higher quality, the picture is certainly bigger. Then how about you who are interested in playing free fire on PC? Immediately, we will see how to play free fire by using a PC.

1. Install NOX Simulator

NOX Simulator

The first thing you can do is make sure to install an emulator called NOX. This is done, so that makes it easier to play free fire as one of the android emulator games on mobile.

Because computers do not have these facilities. Then you must install the Android emulator on the PC first. then install and attach it to your laptop or computer.

2. Login and Run NOX

Login and play NOX

The next thing you can do is open the Play Store on the Android emulator, which has been previously installed. This is very easy because later the Play Store will appear in the Google page section. Then you can immediately open the play store and log in gmail, according to the email used on the cellphone.

After that you will enter into the main page where as well as the play store on the mobile. You can directly choose or search for the desired game type the game free fire or free fire, so you can find the game directly.

3. Download and Install Free Fire

Download and Install Free Fire game

When finished, you will be directed to a search column page, and you can find free fire games that can be downloaded or downloaded for free. Click search or magnifying glass then click the free fire page in the top search results.

Click the install button on the free fire page in the play store then wait a few moments and free fire is ready to play, the thing to note is that you must ensure that the laptop or pc used is connected to the internet. Then this free fire game is a free game, so you don’t need to pay pulses or any fees to the play store.

When you have finished returning to the desktop, then make sure that the game is on the computer display that you have. Press Home> Press the Free Fire Logo> And wait for Free Fire to download an update of 1.8 Mb.

4. Login via Facebook

Login free fire game via Facebook

You will be asked to log in so that you can more easily use login via Facebook because. Generally integration of an account with Facebook will help save the game more. You can log in directly to Facebook. So for those of you who have a Facebook account, just log in your ID and password, then you will enter the free fire that you already have.

After logging in successfully, you just need to continue playing from the account selection to fill in the username and so on. After that you can immediately play free fire without having to wait anymore.

5. Navigation Settings Free Fire Game on PC

Navigation Settings Free Fire Game on PC

Next thing to consider is navigation. This is very important because it will help you in playing, usually when it first appears or enters the game system.

This navigation button will appear and also the settings or initial settings will appear. You can choose as you wish. If you are lazy, you can follow the system or its initial rules, where you will use the A, W, D and S buttons, as buttons for navigation used on a computer.

If you want to change you so you can immediately select the settings and also select the keyboard finger as you wish. the thing that is often questioned is what about the keyboard and mouse, which are used as a medium for playing or directing games?

actually it is very easy to find yourself already has support settings for free fire. so you don’t need to bother just entering in-game, and later you will get special settings for the computer and also the mouse that is used.

Other Information About Free Fire Game on PC

Other Information About Free Fire Game on PC

Then what about the use of settings or settings made as you wish? This is not a problem, because you just press the keyboard logo in the top corner of the emulator, and later there are ways to change the controller that can be selected as you like.

What if the game is run then there is a lag or broken condition in the picture, don’t be confused. Because you can change the settings in the nox for the game to be full control.

Later the game will automatically be more smooth and not broken. If you want to eliminate the mouse icon in the game because it is a little annoying, you just press the “v” on the keyboard. Later you will enter safe mode and remove the mouse on the computer.

That’s complete information, how to play free fire on a computer. Because the way is very easy, of course you can certainly finish or install it personally at home. Make sure the internet connection is running well and the computer is not running any application so you can play with pleasure.

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