January 16, 2021

Some rules for giving Muslim Baby Names

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One of the preparations that parents have to do before welcoming their baby is preparing a name for the prospective baby. Giving a name to the baby is one of the important preparations and should really be thought of by parents. The name is a prayer, a prayer for all the hopes of the parents for the future baby. Because it is a prayer, of course, giving names to children is clearly not allowed to be careless. And as a Muslim parent, giving a name that is identical to Islam is starting from the name, so by giving a name that symbolizes that you are a Muslim.

Apart from being a prayer for children, names are also a form of gratitude for parents for the gifts and sustenance that Allah SWT has given. Yes, children are one of the greatest gifts as well as a tremendous mandate from Allah SWT. Whether the baby will be born is a boy or a girl, it is clear that parents are obliged to provide a suitable name and have a good meaning.

Well, here is a review of giving baby names and in this explanation, we will also provide some examples of Islamic baby girl names. You can make the following examples of Islamic baby girl names as a reference for naming your baby girl who will be born. Let’s look at the following reviews.

Hadith about the Recommendation of Muslim Baby Names 

Recommendation of Names for Islamic Girls

H.R Abu Daud

One of the hadiths from the history of Abu Daud states that every parent has the obligation to slaughter a goat for his child on the seventh day, shave the child’s hair and name the child. From this hadith it can be clearly understood that every child born, parents not only perform aqiqah fiber shaving the child’s hair on the seventh day, but parents also have an obligation to name their newborn baby.

H. R Bukhairi

In the hadith narrated, Bukhairi said that the Prophet’s companions had brought their baby boy who was just born to Rasulullah SAW. Then Rasulullah SAW named the baby with the name Ibrahim, after which Rasulullah SAW fed him chewed dates and prayed with blessings, after which the Prophet returned the baby to his friend.

From this hadith also explains that every baby is born, the baby must be given a name, and pray for the baby with good prayers.

The Right Time to Give Baby Girl Names

Of course, as parents, you have prepared a name for your future baby in advance. But when is the right time to give names for babies in Islam? There are three good times to name your baby. like the sunnah of Rasulullah SAW, in Islam giving baby names can be done when the baby is born, up to three days after the baby is born, or the seventh day after the baby is born.

So, for those of you who have not prepared a name for your baby, there is still time to think about a suitable name for your baby according to the sunnah. but if by day seven you haven’t found a name for your baby, then it’s not a big problem. The matter of naming a baby is a spacious one.

People Who Have More Eligible to Give Baby Girl Names

The giving of a name for the child is the right of the father. It is the father who has the right to give a name to his child. But still, sometimes there are disputes between the father and mother regarding the naming of the child. not infrequently if the father or mother already has a name of their choice to give to the baby or child, this will certainly lead to disputes between the father and the mother.

So, what if there is a dispute between father and mother about the case of giving birth to children? According to Ibnul Qayyim, it is the father who has the right to name his child. If the parents disagree or contradict in naming the child, it remains the father’s right to name the child. the hadiths show this (giving a child’s name is the father’s right). The boy’s text follows his father, not his mother.

As the Prophet Muhammad SAW said, that when NAbi was gifted with a baby boy, he immediately named him after the Prophet’s name, namely ibrahim (HR Mutaafaq ‘alaihi and Anas bin Malik). then the Prophet immediately gave a name for the baby, without any discussion or deliberation with the child’s mother.

Another hadith regarding the right to give children in the hands of the father is the hadith narrated by Al-Bukhairi. From this hadith states that there was a man from the Asr people who was awarded a baby, then he brought it to Rasulullah SAW and he said, that a baby had been born for him, and that man gave the baby a name with Al-Qaim.

From this hadith it also says that it is the father of the baby who gives a name to a baby. Besides that, as it has been said before, that the child’s lineage follows his father, the argument of the case is that QS Al-Ahzab verse 5 in the Koran reads “Call them (adopted children) using the names of their fathers, that is which is more just in the sight of Allah ”from this argument it is clear that the lineage and name of the child follow the name of the father.

Shaykh ibn Uthaymeen stated that if there is a dispute about naming the child between the mother and the father, then the solution is the father’s opinion. However, if it is possible to reconcile the second opinion (the opinion of the father and mother) by choosing the third name that has been agreed upon, that is the better.

How to give the best baby girl Muslim Baby Names

Giving names to babies. The best names should be given, and here are a few tips on how to determine the best names based on rules or names that have the meaning of kindness. You can copy it

A Name That Shows Servant of Allah SWT

In the hadiths, Muslim history states that the most beloved names with Allah are Abdullah and Abdurrahman. Both names are names that contain servitude between the servant and Allah. Abdullah has the nature of servitude in ibdah, this is related between Allah and servant. Whereas Abdurrahman contains a servant nature, the character of Ar-Rahman is a very special attribute of grace between servant and Allah.

Name as a form of servitude according to Asmaul Khusna

Examples of the names of the appropriate form of servitude to Asmaul Khusna are Abdul Aziz, Abdul Halim, and so on according to the nature of Allah SWT.

Give Baby Names with the Names of the Prophets

As Muslims, of course they believe in the existence of 25 prophets and messengers, usually parents also give names to their children with the names of prophets and messengers. It doesn’t even matter if you give the name Muhammad to your child. The names of Prophets and Rasul are the best names that can be given to your children.

Give baby names with the names of the pious people

Rasulullah SAW’s companions were clearly pious people. And is the most prolific generation of Muslims. Therefore you can use their names to give to your children. for naming baby girls you can use the names of the wives of the Prophet Muhammad. Like Khadijjah, Aisyah, or Zainab.

Provide another name that meets the requirements and adab

If you really want to give a name other than using the four best names that have been explained earlier, then you can use another name that meets the requirements and manners. In Islam there are conditions and customs for giving baby names. Well, here is the syrat and manners of giving muslim baby names that you can follow.

Terms of Giving Islamic Girl Baby Names


Actually there are no specific requirements in naming the baby, but as a parent, giving a baby’s name, whether it’s a girl or a boy in Islam, has a good meaning, the hope is that the child can emulate or at least have the best behavior as the name, but you can. give your baby’s name with the following additions

  • Using Arabic Names

You can give a name in Arabic which does have a good and good meaning and meaning. We recommend that you avoid giving names to your children using non-Arabic names such as Diana, Julia, Mary, Angelin and so on.

  • Has Meaning And Beautiful Arrangement

Choose a name that does have a good meaning and that name does not contain criticism and tazkiyah. The purpose of tazkiah is to determine the sanctity of himself, so that the name has a meaning as if the owner of the name is a very holy person even more than a prophet or even determines himself to be holier than Allah SWT. The right name is a name that can show the owner of the name as a person, not a name that is meant as the essence of the character.

Adab of Giving Baby Girl Names in Islam

Now, while for the adab giving names in Islam are as follows.

  • Give the name according to the order of the best name

Previously, we explained about the names that have the best name meanings. Well, according to the adab, it is better to name a baby with the best name according to Islam. Or you can find a name that has a good and good meaning

  • Give a name with a small number of words and syllables

As much as possible, parents should have names that do contain a small number of words or syllables. For example, choose a name with only two syllables, such as Alman Arrahman. The name Alman Arrahman only consists of two syllables. You can imitate this name or search for another name that only has two words.

  • Give a name that is easy to pronounce orally

Choose baby names that are easy to pronounce orally, avoid giving names that are difficult to pronounce orally. This is of course so that people around you can more easily say your baby’s name. A name that is difficult to pronounce will certainly make some people pronounce it wrong, and if so, the meaning of the name of your baby or child may change.

  • Give a name that is easy to hear

You need to also name your baby with a name that is easy to hear. This is so that people around you can clearly and correctly remember your baby’s name.

  • Give a suitable name that does not come out of the habits used in his religion or the surrounding community

As said before, it is better to use Arabic for naming your baby. this can be a sign that your child is a Muslim. besides the Arabic name, you can also use a name that is in accordance with the culture in the community around you. For example, if you are a Javanese pr malay, there is nothing wrong with giving your child’s name with anam which contains Javanese aor malay elements.

These are the conditions and customs for naming your baby or child. as much as possible you can comply with all the conditions and customs of giving names according to Islamic religion.

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