October 11, 2020

The largest illegal software download sites in Indonesia include kuyhaa

pirated software sites in Indonesia
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Kuyhaa and bagas31 is The largest illegal software download sites in Indonesia

As you all know, sites in Indonesia such as Bagas31 and Kuyhaa are the most frequently visited sites for free or low-cost software.

But did you know the software it offers is mostly illegal. although the site admin has offered a license that he says is legal

The software is indicated as illegal because the software products displayed on the website are pirated and not from a developer or software developer.
pirated software sites in Indonesia

This website creator has damaged and tarnished the copyright and intellectual property rights for the makers of this software, because they do not get rewarded for their hard work creating software for computers and applications on mobile phones.

The presence of pirated software is clearly detrimental, both in terms of intellectual wealth and a very long-term risk to the security of private data of pirated software users.

The disadvantage that can also be felt is the absence of income for the state. The state does not get income from this prohibited activity. While the site owner of this pirated software download site gets money from advertising and sales of pirated software.

Based on the 2018 BSA Global Software Survey report, the level of usage of pirated software in Indonesia reaches 83%. This figure is the highest compared to the Asia Pacific average of 57%. Indonesia is great too

Here are free pirated software sites in Indonesia that you need to avoid:

Special for kuyhaa sites, this site in addition to providing pirated software. prayer also makes it easy for software connoisseurs by providing tips and tricks and tutorials on using the software. a little bit better

You should avoid using pirated software. that’s a little info about pirated file download and The largest illegal software download sites in Indonesia.

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