April 21, 2021

If I chose breast implants can I still breastfeed again?

breast implan still breastfeeding again
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Breast implants still breastfeed again?

If you decide to have breast implants, then know some stories about women who have implanted in their breasts. in fact, your question breast implants can you breastfeed. Read the story below

A Korean girl named “A” was worried about her small breasts and finally decided to do breast augmentation surgery. After A married and finally gave birth, now “A” doubted whether she could breastfeed her child or not.

Could a mother with breast implants breastfeed? Is it safe for the baby? “Many women with breast implants breastfeed their babies normally,” said Park Wonjin, the director of the Korea Hospital for Plastic Surgery, said.

breast implants can you breastfeed
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“Breast plastic surgery can be done without disturbing the mammary glands so that there is no obstacle for a girl or woman who wants to give birth or a mother who breastfeeds her child. The position of the incision during breast plastic surgery will determine whether or not a woman can breastfeed.

In general, incisions in the armpit and around the areola allow a woman to breastfeed. In the past, there was also an incision method in the nipple, but during surgery, the milk ducts were also disturbed so that women could no longer breastfeed.

The placement of the implant under the mammary gland or under the muscle allows the woman to breastfeed. In general, breast enlargement surgery can be done before or after childbirth. If the surgery is performed before giving birth, the Korean Wonjin Plastic Surgery Hospital will design the operation so that it does not interfere with the patient’s desire to continue breastfeeding their baby.

After giving birth, the breasts sometimes feel sore and turn red. This phenomenon is caused by inflammation of the milk ducts and can occur in those who do not receive breast plastic surgery. If this happens, stop breastfeeding for a while and take antibiotics and the symptoms will disappear immediately.

Unlike the case before childbirth, the breasts of women who have given birth usually decrease in elasticity and even become loose. This happens because, during pregnancy, the mammary glands enlarge and then shrink back after breastfeeding. This case can be treated with breast enlargement surgery and breast lift surgery. In addition, many women are worried about breast cancer screening after breast augmentation surgery.

In essence, breast plastic surgery and breast cancer screening were not significantly correlated. Implants used in breast enlargement surgery are placed under the muscles or under the mammary glands so that breast cancer is not detected in the milk tissue is a mistake.

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