April 21, 2021

Operation overview and cost of nipple reduction surgery

nipple reduction surgery
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Overview and cost of nipple reduction surgery

A lot of attention is paid to breast surgery procedures such as breast reduction, or breast lift. In the medical world, especially plastic surgery is not cheap for surgical procedures on the nipple and areola of women.

Most patients looking for a place to make corrections in this particular area say a variety of welds by themselves. Doing so because they are not happy with how he looks right now.

Operation overview and cost of nipple reduction surgery
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Common areola problems include their large size and disproportionate size to their body. others may find it strange to find their raised areas with a “swollen” appearance. However, there have been several cases when she came to a beauty clinic because of common problems, for example, cases of inverted, asymmetrical, or enlarged areola.

Who can perform an operation like this? Are You a Good Candidate?

Generally, adults in overall good health wish to change the size, proportion, or appearance of their nipples and/or areola.

For most women, the desire to have surgery on the nipple or areola starts with wanting to look ‘perfect’ or more beautiful. Although no areola is perfect, perfection is a subjective thing.

Women tend to feel that their areola is too large or the term “swollen” is. Others have inverted nipples for a number of causes. These women want to have the best nipple and areola appearance according to her, such as long, small nipples or even round nipples.

In the case of deep nipples, this is a condition that is not our will and will. However, this occurrence occurs at least one in 50 women may exhibit this condition.

Some cases of abnormal nipple include very short milk ducts, narrow nipple bases, or milk ducts that have scarring (for example, due to a milk duct infection).

The degree of nipple inversion varies in severity. Many women with inverted nipples are uncomfortable with the condition and will experience medical problems, such as difficulty breastfeeding.

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How is the Nipple & Areola Reduction Procedure

Reduction of the areola is done by removing some of the pigmented areas of the nipple. This is done by making an incision around the areola or at the base of the nipple.

If your nipples form too long, they will droop down or protrude too much. To reduce its length, the ends will be removed and closed using stitches.

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On the other hand, if the nipple is too wide, a pie-shaped incision will be removed from under the surface of the nipple. The nipple will be “removed” to reduce its circumference. The plastic surgeon will definitely perform this procedure with the orientation you want it to be.

Know what are the complications & risks

All medical procedures have certain risks for sure. Although most of those who have undergone this procedure have never experienced any complications during or after surgery.

Possible complications that may arise as a result of this surgical procedure are: failure to achieve the desired aesthetic results after surgery, bleeding, infection, nerve damage causing temporary or permanent numbness or loss of sensation, or will leave surgical scars on the nipples.

Recovery time after nipple surgery

In some cases, your plastic surgeon may advise you not to engage in sexual activity or vigorous exercise for several weeks.

How much does nipple reduction surgery cost

adapted from the website enhancemyself.com, the cost range you have to spend for this nipple surgery is from $ 1,500 to $ 3,000.

Ask your doctor about other financing options and discounts from your trusted beauty clinic. I hope this information is helpful. Bye

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